Choosing Your Fur

How to choose quality real authentic fur?

True North Furs takes pride in the hand selection of pelts directly from hunters and trappers in Alaska and Canada. There are no middlemen involved with our pelt selection. Many furriers use middlemen to purchase the pelts that are used in their fur products. Often, the pelts delivered by these middlemen do not meet the top-quality standards of True North Furs.

True North Furs products are not pieces of pelts sewn together. Our finest hand-selected mid-winter whole pelts are the very top grade based on durability, clarity, density, softness, and overall quality. This is a pledge to our customers.

There are several things to consider when buying authentic fur. Real fur comes in many different types with varying durability, softness, density, clarity, and weight.

Fur Durability

Durability is the first to consider. It can be described as the amount of wear a fur can take. The most durable are beaver, otter, raccoon, and coyote, and not far behind are sable and fox. These types of fur typically have strong guard hairs and do not shed so keep their natural beauty for many years.

Fur Softness

Softness is a very important selection measure. The higher the softness scale, the more flowy and silkier the fur will be. Course fur is rough and can be undesirable. Guard hair can be more coarse than the underfur, but still allow the feel of softness and durability.

Fur Density

The density of real fur varies from type to type and pelt to pelt and is important when selecting fur. Density is described as the concentration of underfur per square inch. Higher-density furs typically provide a warmer blanket or throw. Density is dependent on personal preference and use.

Fur Clarity

Clarity is the pureness of the color of a fur. Some animals have less dominant coloring which can yellow over time or have an undesirable tint. Higher clarity will demonstrate a richer and more luxurious fur.


Weight has to do with the density of the fur, the underfur, and especially the thickness of a pelt’s skin. Some individuals like lighter blankets and others prefer heavier ones. The weight is dependent on personal preference and use.

True North Furs hopes the above information about our furs will help you make your selection. If you need assistance, please contact us at 970-871-4603. We would be more than happy to help and discuss details and options to ensure you are a satisfied customer.