Why You Should Purchase Your Furs from Us


Why True North Furs

At True North Furs we buy thousands of pelts directly from hunters and trappers in the North. There is no middleman. Then we personally hand-select the very best quality skins (the top 10-15%) for use in our own authentic fur blankets, fur pillows and fur throws. Each pelt is carefully matched together for color, texture, softness, and density for consistent and unparalleled quality and beauty.

We believe that fifty years in the business qualifies True North Furs as master furriers. Owner, Al Deeds, has personally visited each locale where our furs are sourced and has maintained relationships with the trappers and hunters throughout the years so that he can offer luxury fur blankets for sale. Once the furs are received, Al ensures the quality of production and manufacturing each and every step of the way. Nothing leaves our warehouse without a qualified master furrier personally inspecting each fur blanket, fur pillow and fur throw for quality and consistency. We take pride in our work and have pride in those we work with.

Our partners believe in sustainable hunting practices in order to protect the species their trade relies on. We believe in sustainable hunting practices to help keep the ecosystem healthy.

How We Compare To Other Master Furriers

Many online e-commerce retailers of fur products claim to use only the finest quality fur pelts in their fur blankets. Yet oftentimes those retailers never actually lay eyes or hands on their products before they are shipped from third-party distributor in another city or country. There is simply no way to insure quality control. At True North Furs, our fur blankets for sale are purchased by us, inspected by us, manufactured by us and shipped by us. There is not a single fur blanket, fur throw or fur pillow for sale that has not been inspected by us at least two or three times.

From the thousands of furs we buy each year, we chose only the finest to manufacture into True North Fur products. The rest are resold to furriers around the world. Because we have worked directly with hunters and trappers since 1975, we are able to provide the best fur products for the best value on the Internet. There is no middleman and no markup for our clients. As master furriers, our passion is making fur blankets for sale.

You will love our prime quality 100% genuine handcrafted (by True North Furs) fur blankets and throws in King-Queen or throw sizes. We also make custom sized fur blankets and fur pillows. We have the largest inventory of genuine fur blankets, throws, and pillows in the U.S.

How We Keep Our Prices Competitive

Every fur retailer claims he or she is a master furrier with the finest fur blankets for sale at the most competitive prices. Any retailer who uses a distributor has to mark up their prices. So if you are seeing fur blankets for sale through a retailer at the same price as our blankets, the quality isn't going to be the same. By buying direct we are able to offer a better quality product at lower prices than on-line and brick-and-mortar retailers.