Vanilla Whiskey Beaver Pillow

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Brand: True North Furs

True North Furs specializes in providing the best quality in real fur pillows. Our master furrier has hand selected each fur, and oriented the pelts into an artistic and elegant addition for your home. Choose from a variety of preselected sizes or True North Furs can prepare one in the exact size you require.

This is a stunning White with Vanilla Whiskey guard hair beaver fur pillow. It is soft, durable and luxurious. The coloring is produced by gently bleaching the fur, creating a pure white underfur, while leaving the longer guard hair, a vanilla-whiskey color. White fur goes with many contemporary decors. Perfect accent to any environment, modern or rustic.

Pillow forms are filled with 90% goose down and 10% goose feathers. Please call for custom size orders. Sold by experts with 40 years of fur grading and matching experience 100% natural, real, high-quality fur Pelts sourced directly from trappers and hunters in North America Handmade in the USA.

  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Backing is natural color complimenting cotton velvet
  • 100% genuine and unique - every pelt is different
  • Our authentic fur is soft and glossy
  • Matching blankets sold separately
  • Beware of fakes, genuine fur is a luxurious product and the price will be elevated
  • Made in USA


The amount of wear the blanket/pelt can take.

The higher the softness scale, the more flowy and silky it is. Course fur is undesirable, but guard hair can be more course than the under fur.

The concentration of underfur per square inch. High density is typically a warmer blanket.

The pureness of the color, some animals have less dominant coloring which can yellow or have an undesirable tint. Higher clarity will demonstrate a richer and more luxurious fur.

Weight is not desirable or undersirable. It has to do with the density of the fur, the underfur and the thickness of the pelt’s skin. Some buyers like light blankets, others like heavy.

Highly sustainable. Wild fur is one of the most sustainable commodities in the world. Animals are important to the environment, however too many throw off the balance in their ecosystem. Since the beginning of the 20th century and the advent of modern science-based wildlife management, man has been nurturing the balance and is keeping these animals in harmony with their environment, while not depleting the stock. Faux fur, or fake fur is made from acrylic and polyester which are plastics, and a derivative of oil, that create toxins when being manufactured. Real fur is always the most sustainable route.

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