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Hand Selected, 100% Authentic Fur

The quest for authenticity is not a fad. It is a shift, and people everywhere are searching for it.

We use only 100% authentic, high-quality, hand selected fur here at True North Furs. As a buyer of pelts for other furriers, as well as ourselves, we are able to hand select the best 10-15% of the top quality for use in our own products and re-market the rest to other furriers. Not all fur is created equal; when you buy from us, you get the best of the best. Learn more about Fur Quality. We are not a retailer purchasing from a wholesaler and drop-shipping to you. We are a master furrier and the manufacturer of our products. Everything we offer is made in the U.S.A.

But what about faux fur?

Although there is a commonly held belief that faux fur is better, but it's simply not the case. Real fur is organic. Faux fur is nylon and produced from petro-chemicals (oil). Real fur, after years of keeping you much warmer than faux, will disintegrate immediately in a landfill whereas faux fur takes up to 10,000 years to break down. It is very similar to plastic, after all. Learn more about how Fur is Green.