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Coyote Fur Blankets & Throws

Coyote Fur Blankets and Throws

Our coyote fur blankets and coyote fur throws are made from exceptional quality northern pelts from Alberta Canada and the Northern Rocky Mountains. Each coyote fur pelt is hand selected from among the thousands of coyotes we purchase from trusted hunters and trappers. We only use the best 10% - 20%, based on color, texture, and depth, for our own products and re-market the remainder to other furriers. This allows us to bring to you the very finest coyote blankets and throws available from any furrier! 100% Made in the U.S.A.!

Coyote fur invites you to curl up in it. Coyotes survive by being able to endure below-freezing temperatures throughout the winter. The thickness of their coats allows them to survive in the deepest, darkest winter days and nights. As a fur, coyote produces a highly insulated fur blanket that adds a touch of the wild to your home. The coyotes we use in our products are caught in their natural habitat adhering to strict sustainability practices.

We offer custom sizes on both our coyote fur blankets and coyote fur throws, as well as a variety of shades to match your personal style and existing decor. Choose from a pale tawny, natural red (similar to red fox), bleached white or dyed black. Coyote fur blankets offer depth and warmth for any cold winter night. The shading of coyote fur will match a variety of tones and color palettes in your home.