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Dark brown beaver fur blanket draped over a chair from True North Furs

Natural Black Beaver Blanket



Our natural long hair beaver fur blankets come from thick, silky Northern Canadian and Rocky Mountain region pelts. Imagine the type of fur a beaver needs to survive in Alabama versus the long, thick, dense fur you need to survive in Northern Canada and you'll understand why True North Furs, sourced from Canada and Alaska, offer thick silky and superior quality. Our dark brown beaver fur blankets not only feel silky but the sheen and gloss from these fur blankets is incredible. Beaver fur is among some of the most durable fur, which means given the proper care and cleaning, it can last for generations.

These blankets are backed with either high quality cotton velvet or Spanish cashmere. This keeps the throw from sliding off a sofa or bed as satin or silk can do. Beaver fur blankets and fur throws are among our most popular items and all of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

*Some sizes may not be in stock near Christmas.

  • Sold by experts with 40 years of fur grading and matching experience
  • 100% natural, real, high-quality fur
  • Pelts sourced directly from trappers and hunters in North America
  • The minimum 72" length of our throws allows you to completely cover your body from your toes to your chin.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • We gladly accept returns within 14 days if you are unsatisfied in any way
  • Free normal cleaning within two years of purchase
  • Questions? Call us at 970.871.4603!