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Alaskan Hand Plucked Sheared Beaver fur blanket displayed on a bed from True North Furs

Alaskan Hand Plucked & Sheared Beaver Blankets & Throws



Our premium Alaskan sheared beaver fur blanket is an extra thick, dense, superior quality fur, unmatched by pelts from Canada and the lower states. If you want the best quality fur, these pelts from Alaska are the very finest. These are heavily furred, dense, thick pelts that are plucked by hand, and then sheared for smooth even finish. This process removes any stubble, creating the finest, softest, sheared beaver available. Most commercial beaver blankets are machine plucked with high-speed soft rubber rollers, but this leaves a course stubble of broken guard hairs inside the fur. Hand plucking is just what it sounds like... each pelt is individually plucked to remove all the guard hairs. Our blankets are softer than any other beaver fur blanket on the market. Once you run your fingers across an Alaskan sheared beaver blanket from True North Furs, you'll appreciate the difference that hand plucking creates. Lined with 100% high quality cotton velvet or pure cashmere.

  • Sold by experts with 40 years of fur grading and matching experience
  • 100% natural, real, high-quality fur
  • Pelts sourced directly from trappers and hunters in North America, this eliminates all middle-men, giving you, the customer, incredible value
  • The minimum 72" length of our throws allows you to completely cover your body from your toes to your chin.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • We gladly accept returns within 14 days if you are unsatisfied in any way
  • Free normal cleaning within two years of purchase
  • Questions? Call us at 970.871.4603!