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Beaver Fur Blankets

Beaver Fur Blankets, Throws and Pillows

Our beaver fur blankets, beaver fur throws and beaver fur pillows are available exclusively through True North Furs. Our products cannot be found anywhere else in the world and each beaver fur blanket, beaver fur throw and beaver fur pillow is one-of-a-kind. Our beaver products are available in silvery brown, pale, dark brown and black to match your home, office, or cottage décor.

About our Beaver Fur Products:

Alaskan Hand Plucked Sheared Beaver Fur: Alaskan beaver fur surpasses the thickness, density and quality of beavers found south of Alaska. Our Alaskan beaver fur blankets, beaver fur pillows and beaver fur throws are hand plucked to remove the coarse guard hairs that can cause a bristly feel. After the guard hairs are removed, the pelt is sheared, a painstaking process that brings about the highest quality beaver fur available. For those with discriminating taste, our Alaskan hand plucked sheared beaver fur blankets, pillows and throws are for you.

Natural Beaver Fur: True North Furs hand selects each longhaired beaver pelt for color, quality and texture. Fur Blankets, pillows and throws made with natural beaver fur are lush and consistent in their look and feel. Matching color, quality and texture is an exacting process that results in the finest products available.

USA Sheared Beaver: The beaver pelts we source from the lower 48 typically come from the Rocky Mountain region where the cold winter temperatures improve the quality of the fur. Our made in the USA sheared beaver fur pillows, blankets and throws are manufactured from beginning to end with our expertise and quality insurance. These products are soft and luxurious and add a tactile quality to any room.

If you have questions about which type of beaver fur pillow, blanket or throw is right for you, please contact us.