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Fur Blankets & Throws 

True North Furs offers premium real fur blankets and fur throws. We personally inspect and buy each and every pelt so we can ensure the highest quality products for our customers. After working as a master furrier for half a century, we know how to select the finest furs for our clients. If our prices seem too good to be true, it's because we don't work with a middleman. We have our hands on each and every pelt from purchase of the skin to tanning, manufacturing, and shipping to you. All of our products are crafted right here in the USA. At True North Furs we are not retailers, we manufacture our own fur blankets, fur throws, and fur pillows, and we sell wholesale direct to the public. Our pride in our work shows and we're sure you will appreciate it.

Fur Blankets
Northern beaver fur blankets
Coyote fur blankets
Sable fur blankets
Lynx fur blankets
Otter fur blankets
Red fox fur blankets
Silver fox fur blankets
Blue fox fur blankets
Fur Throws
Northern beaver fur throws
Coyote fur throws
Sable fur throws
Lynx fur throws
Otter fur throws
Red fox fur throws
Silver fox fur throws
Blue fox fur throws

How we choose the pelts to make our fur blankets, fur throws, and fur pillows

There are many grades and qualities of fur available for sale. The best way to understand fur is to see it and feel it. We have fifty years experience doing that. Today we only work with trusted trappers, hunters, and fur producers in the far north, who are educated on sustainable fur practices so fur continues to be a renewable resource. At True North Furs, our relationships with fur producers in the northern hemisphere around the world allow us to secure the finest furs.

Pelts from different locations have different density, color, and texture. Knowing where the finest fur comes from is just one step in choosing the best pelts. For instance, as you can imagine, a pelt from the deep south is not the same quality as a pelt from the far north. We inspect every individual pelt we purchase for our products. The final product goes through a three-step process of inspection right here in our manufacturing facility before we ship it out to our clients. We do not drop-ship anything to our clients from another state or country. We demand nothing but the best because that is what you deserve.