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About Fur Quality

Assortment of beaver fur and coyote fur pillows from True North FursNot all fur is created equal.

We acquire our pelts directly from trappers and hunters who work the very best regions for particular skins. Most folks understand that the farther north an animal lives, the thicker, softer, and more luxurious the fur will be. Our fur products come from Alaska, the far Northern Rocky Mountains, and the Northeast U.S. from New York to Maine. Careful matching assures pelts of uniform color, softness, and density.

Several generations of knowledge and experience in the fur business combined with being the maker of these fine fur products (and not just another middleman who is drop shipping you a product they have never seen) allows us to present a superior fur at the very best value you will find anywhere.

Choosing quality beaver fur.

Alaskan sheared beaver is recognized in the fur business as the best, most dense and most luxurious type of sheared beaver available. As the most northern latitude type of skin, the quality of an Alaskan hand plucked and sheared beaver is unsurpassed by any other type of sheared beaver in the world.

Our Northern U.S. sheared beaver product comes from the Northeastern part of the country (Adirondacks to Maine) and the Northern Rocky Mountain regions that produce a lightweight yet extremely durable and attractive sheared beaver.

Why do we hand pluck? Hand plucking produces a pelt that is much softer than just shearing alone because it removes all of the guard hairs and doesn't leave any stubble within the fur. Although very laborious and expensive it is well worth it on the very best quality beaver pelts.