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Why You Should Purchase Your Furs from Us

Ivory and black fur blankets draped over chairs from True North FursOther online e-commerce retailers of fur products claim to use only the finest quality fur pelts in their items. But ask yourself, how can a middleman buying from a wholesale distributor that drop-ships something to you from a city or even another country - an item they may have never even seen with their own eyes - provide only the best or even control the quality of what you receive?

Here at True North Furs we buy thousands of pelts directly from hunters and trappers in the North. Then we carefully select the very best quality skins (the top 10-15%) for use in our own authentic fur products and carefully match these together for color, texture, softness, and density for our own fur blankets, fur throws, and comforters. Then we re-market the bulk of the leftover skins to other furriers. This is how we, as a master furrier since 1975, are able to provide you with the very best quality fur at the best value you can find on the internet.

You will love our prime quality 100% genuine handcrafted (by True North Furs) fur blankets and throws in King-Queen or throw sizes. We have the largest inventory of fur blankets, throws, and pillows in the U.S.