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19th century painting depicting trappers hunting beaver by Alfred Jacob Miller titled Trapping Beaver

At True North Furs we take pride in our carefully selected real fur product line. All of our fur blankets and throws, pillows, rugs, and vests are handcrafted by skilled artisans. The best fur pelts in the country come from Alaska, Canada and the Northern Rocky Mountains. Of the thousands of fur pelts True North Furs grade, only the top 10% are used in the True North Furs line of real fur products. We have the largest inventory of fur blankets, throws, and pillows in the U.S.

With 40 years of fur grading experience True North Furs knowledgeably hand selects skins for superior color, softness, and density. As a result, True North Furs is able to guarantee that our custom-made fur products are of the highest quality available.

At True North Furs it is our mission to promote the proper management and wise use of fur bearing animals. Fur is a clean, non-polluting form of using wildlife populations that are managed by state wildlife agencies. Too many fur bearing animals are killed only to rot because they are regarded as pests that need to be controlled; hence using fur is regarded as ethical and non-polluting.

At True North Furs we want to create and share our vision of authentic western heritage. True North Furs products are all unique one-of-a-kind items that you will be proud to own.

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Master Furrier since 1975.